Nurturing young minds with music, movement, mindfulness &art


Playgroup  – 18mths-2.3 yrs

PreNursery  – 2.4 yrs. – 3 yrs.

Nursery   – 3-4 yrs.

K.G.(Prep)- 4 – 5 yrs.

Magic Years at a Glance

Our Curriculum

Constantly evolving, well researched and inquiry based curriculum that is a blend of Montessori, Reggio & Playway and influenced by Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Theory

Our Environment

Carefully planned Safe, Secure & Hygienic environment meeting all international standards with abundant opportunity to learn


Our Team

Constantly trained Inspired Passionate Mentors and Caring Caregivers employed after proper background/medical checks

Yoga & Mindfulness

Why is it important for preschoolers?

Fostering mindfulness in the classroom will improve the student’s learning experience and also support the teacher’s effort to teach as effectively as possible.

A vast majority of the time, we move through our day unconsciously – going through the motions, achieving things, having conversations and interacting – but not fully there or present.

Importance of StoryTelling

When toddlers and other young children listen to storytellers, they have the chance to hear words presented in a unique way while also hearing speech inflections. School age children have the chance to listen to new words, which can help them to expand their vocabulary. Telling stories to children presents literary devices in a memorable way


Working hours

Office hours Monday-Saturday : 8:00 am to 2:00 pm

We are here

Dori Walan, New Rohtak Road, New Delhi- 110005



Abacus for Kids: Benefits that go beyond Math!

Our whole-brain development program builds foundational techniques that make learning math, effortless and enjoyable. By mastering these techniques using the Abacus, students develop the ability to think in pictures and quickly learn to perform large calculations mentally. Over time, our students come to love a subject they may have once struggled with, or even feared. Attaining astonishing calculation speed is actually the end-result of increasing the “brain-fitness”.

Dedicated to early childhood education


Your child participates in activities that are specifically designed for their age group.  Our teachers will do everything in their power to guarantee that your child enjoys the time they spend in our preschool Chula facility, and enjoys activities that are both fun and educational.

During the day preschoolers are encouraged to express themselves through art.  They will also actively participate in play time and enjoy many of the wonderful stories that our experienced staff members will read to them.

Developing the “Whole Child”

Our preschool program was developed using the “Whole Child” philosophy.  This means that we believe it is important for your child to experience their childhood through play time, while also learning basic academic skills and knowledge that are relevant to their specific age group.

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