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Creative Ideas for Kids and families

Are you bored sitting at home and looking for some Easy, Interesting and Educational DIY activities for kids? Do you want to know how we can grow our own kitchen garden at home? If you want to learn tips to be more creative using waste materials, then worry not. Here are some exciting ideas which you can use to create your own crafts.

stay-at-home activities for kids & family: make educational projects, fun DIY arts and crafts, lots of things to do with easily available materials!

There are times when we have to stay at home, it could be a rainy day, or something so unexpected like the pandemic or lockdown and stay home quarantined! However, we can make the best of our stay at home days and do various activities together that are inspiring and enriching for kids and everyone in the family. 

Here are few very simple techniques on how you can create your own kitchen garden and grow herbs for your summer drinks. Save your peach seeds and mango seeds, let’s grow peach and mango trees! You can also grow beautiful greens and plants from a sweet potato, a carrot top, onion trimmings, and lots more! Herbs like coriander, mint, rosemary etc can be grown in small planters and kept in the balcony.

Simple gardening techniques and activities to improve emotional and social bonding
Growing Herbs At Home

Art & Craft Activities

  1. Create your own gratitude jar. Fill in the jar with a small note mentioning what all things are you grateful for today!
  2. Tint shaving cream with food colouring, paint the glass doors or bathroom mirrors and enjoy the fun. Don’t forget to rinse it off!
  3. Using toilet paper rolls, create small craft puppets. Paste googly eyes on it and put them on your study table.
  4. Graffiti the garden fence with coloured chalks.
  5. Make a small bowl, plate, egg cup or statue from newspapers .Paper mache astivity
  6. Make Origami animals or paper tearing and pasting in a garden scene.
  7. Make a mud kitchen in the garden, make different coloured rock paint
  8. Practise hammering nails in a plank of wood. This is a great fine motor skill activity.
  9. Play a nice music and do some dancing and release your happy hormones.
  10. Try shadow drawing, leaf rubbings, painting bark or stones
  11. Thread pasta and make different items of jewellary accessories for yourself and your friends.
  12. With some old clothes, cut and create clothes for your toys
  13. Make 3D crafts and images.


  1. Obstacle Course
  2. Scavenger Hunt
  3. Help your mom lay the table for dinner.
  4. Collect Bugs
  5. water the plants in your home.
  6. 3-legged races
  7. Bathe your dog
  8. Wash the car
  9. Paint outdoors
  10. Plant some herbs in your kitchen garden.
  11. Do yoga and jumping jacks for twenty minutes everyday.
Team Magic Years Playway emphsises on holistic development of each child.
easy do it yourself craft ideas for kids to improve fine motor skills

Visual instruction goes a long way when it comes to teaching your children yoga poses. A lot of kids find watching exercise routines more helpful than reading about them! Check out the video below for a step-by-step demonstration on different yoga poses for your kids.

During the challenging times. when kids are home , it is very important for each one of us to keep ourselves physically fit. Kids should practice simple yoga, music and mindfulness activities. These are very helpful to keep the attitude positive and remain grounded.

yoga and mindfulness activities help in reducing stress in kids and adults

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